Mathematics is a subject that impacts all our lives. However, the relationship we have with mathematics can be quite variable. Some factors that play a role in this variability are the educational experiences we’ve had, whether or not we have received adequate encouragement by mentors, and where our innate interests lie. The fact remains, though, that in our increasingly quantitative world, an appreciation for mathematical ideas and reasoning can be a valuable asset, one that helps us understand and deal with what is happening around us. I have been involved in several outreach projects whose goal has been to foster such appreciation in K-12 and adult populations.

NYT Op-eds, Media Talks and Interviews on Mathematics

Links to “How to Fall in Love With Math,” my first math Op-Ed in the New York Times (September 15, 2013 – it rose to the most e-mailed article on their website), along with several subsequent ones. Several radio interviews (NPR, BBC), an interview in the New York Times Science section, an article in the New York Times Magazine, and more.

Mathematics in the Humanities

There is much future scope for mathematics to play a role in the way we explore subjects that have been traditionally regarded as more qualitative than quantitative. This is especially true with the advent of digital humanities. Follow this link for a description of some of my activities in the intersection of the two fields.

STEM Education at Schools

Various projects on formal and informal education at the K-12 levels.

Mathematics Videos

Several videos that I have created (or participated in) for mathematics outreach.

Mathematics and Fiction

Various works in which I connect the two fields. A glimpse into my next novel, which will be a mixture of mathematics and fiction.

Other Outreach

I have published various op-eds and articles on such issues as LGBT rights and nuclear terrorism in the Indian subcontinent.