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Selected Previous Courses Taught

I have taught several of these courses multiple times. The year indicates the last time I taught it. A sample syllabus, similar to the most recent one, is linked.

HUM Mathematics and What it Means to Be Human (Fall 2011)

FYS Fermat, Uncle Petros and Pi (Spring 2004)

FYS Computation as an Experimental Tool (Spring 2015)

MATH 100 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (Spring 2012)

MATH 151 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (Fall 2005)

MATH 221H Introduction to Linear Algebra (Honors) (Fall 2014)

MATH 301 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I (Spring, 2018)

MATH 341 Computational Methods (Spring 2016)

MATH 390 Creative Endeavors in Mathematics (Spring 2006)

MATH 432 History of Mathematics (Fall 2017)

MATH 441 Introduction to Numerical Analysis (Fall 2013)

MATH 620 Numerical Analysis (Fall 2017)

MATH 635 Foundations of the Finite Element Method (Spring 2018)

FYS 108 The Godfather of Numbers (Fall 2018) 

MATH 120 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics (Redesign 2, Spring 2019) (Also, Redesign 1, Fall 2018)