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Media Talks, Interviews and Articles on Mathematics

New York Times Op-Ed

How to Fall in Love With Math (September 15, 2013) was my first math op-ed. This rose to the most e-mailed article for the day, but only made it to #2 for the week (I was bumped by the pope, who leapfrogged ahead with his comments.) The New York Times website quickly reached their maximum of 360 responses and terminated the ability to comment. For more of my math op-eds, please refer to my NYT contributing opinion writer page.

Radio Talks

My inaugural try was this math interview on NPR broadcast on Monday, October 1, 2007. It’s hard talking about math on the radio (no visuals!), as I found out. I gave it another shot on BBC radio’s “The Forum” (February 21, 2009). They invited me back to talk on my new novel in Mar, 2013, but the conversation turned to math again.
My NYT article led to some good radio interviews: on WILS Michigan (September 17, 2013) and The Joy Cardin Show (Wisconsin Public Radio, September 24, 2013).

Articles on Mathematics

My review of Jordan Ellenberg’s book, How not to be wrong: The power of mathematical thinking in The Washington Post. (Jun 13, 2014)
A Mathematically Impossible Novel” in The Daily Beast, March 15, 2013.
The Writing Life” On balancing mathematics with writing, in The Washington Post, February 8, 2009.
X=50 Semesters” An article on completing 25 years of teaching mathematics, in The New York Times Magazine, September 21, 2008.
“Learn Math or Die” (“Mathe lernen oder sterben”) An essay about mathematics education in India, in the German-language cultural magazine, Kulturaustausch: IV, 36-37 (2006).

Interviews on Mathematical Aspects of Career

New York Times Interview by Claudia Dreifus in the “Science” section, June 17, 2008.
SIAM News Profile (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), April 12, 2008.
A Fundamental Decomposition Theorem for Fiction? Interview in SIAM News, January 9, 2001.