STEM Education at Schools

Math Community Evening at St. Andrew’s Public School, Toronto, Canada

I was delighted to see how concepts about infinity are being successfully taught to elementary school children at this very multicultural inner city school. It was fun fielding questions as an “expert” guest at their math parents/students evening afterwards. Some tough questions! (Feb 27, 2014)

Tim Gunn’s video on Math and Fashion

Got to plug math for school kids in this great video produced by Scholastic. Aimed at showing kids how even a career in fashion needs math. (Unfortunately, the Scholastic link no longer works.)

Video: 29 children with 20 dogs and 15 cats

I participated in this video on different ways to solve President Hrabowski’s favorite math problem for school kids.

Infinite Possibilities Conference, UMBC, 2012

I was the campus organizer for a one-day UMBC session called “Exploring Possibilities” for minority school girls interested in mathematics. This was part of the larger “Infinite Possibilities” conference organized at UMBC.

Resident Scholar, Park School, Baltimore, 2012

I gave presentations to upper school body both on mathematics and on other topics, such as India, fiction, and LGBT diversity issues.

Talks at schools in Mumbai, India

I presented some modules developed for Algebra II at Fort Convent Girl’s School and Bombay International School, on visits to Mumbai.

Innovation 2008: Renewing America Through Smarter Science & Technology Policy

I was invited to speak at this national conference, held at the University of Minnesota, on how to make mathematics education more appealing for students.

Mathematics Partnership (MSP) with the Baltimore County Public School System

I teamed with Ms. Jamel Jernigan (formerly Epps) to enhance the mathematical learning experience for 8th grade G&T students in Algebra II.

A participatory exercise at Woodlawn Middle School illustrating how Fibonacci numbers appear in all sorts of phenomena (May, 2007). A poster for a workshop I helped organize for STEM teachers (Oct 19, 2007) is shown below.

Summer Workshop for Secondary School Teachers

Jamel and I conducted a more formal 15-hour course (in July, 2008) for BCPS teachers to take for professional development credit. In addition to presenting the five application-oriented lessons we had prepared (on quadratics, exponentials, matrix multiplication, linear programming and polynomials), the teachers also developed a lesson of their own on absolute values.

STEM Education at Sherwood High School

This project, completed in 2007, was under the auspices of the Shriver Center. Students from my First Year Seminar were recruited to help teach computer-aided mathematics sessions to 10th and 11th graders.

I have also participated in outreach activities at Margaret Meade Middle School in Anne Arundel County, and Benjamin Banneker High School in Washington, D.C.