Mathematics Videos

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Fraction (2015)

Explains the difference between rational and irrational numbers. Appeared in my NYT Op-ed on Pi Day.

Tim Gunn’s video on Math and Fashion (2013)

Great video, produced by Scholastic. Aimed at showing kids how even a career in fashion needs math. I’m featured near the beginning, explaining that math isn’t only about calculation, but ideas. (Unfortunately, the Scholastic link to the video no longer works.)

The Big Bang of Numbers (2013)

Explains the origin of whole numbers. Appeared in my New York Times Op-Ed on math appreciation, and is related to my book, “The Big Bang of Numbers: How to Build the Universe Using Only Math.”

Math Heroine (2013)

What makes a Math Heroine? Who qualifies? Real-life women mathematicians share their memories of Sarita, the statistician heroine of my novel, “The City of Devi.”

29 children with 20 dogs and 15 cats (2012)

I participated in this video on different ways to solve President Hrabowski’s favorite math problem for school kids.

Mathematics and What it Means to Be Human (2012)

A video interview with Professor Michele Osherow (English Dept, UMBC) on the seminar by the above name that we taught together. (Also take a look at a student project video from the course, listed right below.)

m(Arcadia): The Mathematics Behind Tom Stoppard’s Play Arcadia (2009)

Tom Stoppard weaves in several exciting mathematical discoveries into the play Arcadia. Join me on a multimedia tour of these connections – everything from how populations grow, to generating fern leaves with fractals, to the increasing chaos in our universe. Designed especially for non-mathematicians!

The Mathematics of Fiction (2009)

A talk with animations that looks at some mathematical techniques that have analogs in writing fiction. Marilyn Monroe and George Lucas both make cameo appearances. Some of these ideas (like basis functions) come from Linear Algebra, so I show this video whenever I teach a class in the subject. Also contains a prolog on why mathematics is so difficult for many.

Taming Infinity (2007)

My most successful video ever! Did you know that infinity comes in different sizes? Leave behind the finite world to come along on a journey through the fascinating realms of the infinite. No previous knowledge of mathematics beyond fractions and decimals required. Powerpoint show developed by Tyler Beck and Manil Suri, with additional contributions by Serina Jensen.(Exhibited as a continuous video installation explaining infinity to augment a math-art exhibition (a collaboration between Japanese Artist Ryoji Ikeda and Field Medalist mathematician Benedict Gross) at Le Laboratoire , an art-science museum in Paris, from Oct 11, 2008 through Jan 10, 2009.)